The Perfect Clip is the 20th century “nappy pin”.  It is a magnetic clip designed to keep your garments in place with no damaging effects.  It can be used for various looks or outfits, one clip or two clips, plain or bedazzled.  With various colours available, styling your outfit will be quick and easy and fashion fails a thing of the past.

The Perfect Clip is a proudly South African product with patent protection.


Where did your stardom begin?

 Well I hardly consider myself a “star”, but my career as an actress started with a desire to be everything I could possibly be, so acting the role of a doctor, vamp or Mother was the next logical step for me. I was lucky in my career, as early in my journey, I was selected for many commercials and quickly became known as “the commercial queen” in S.A. Thereafter I landed a role as “Sabina” in Egoli which is probably where I received the most recognition. I also played a role in M-Net’s “The Wild” as an Italian Vixen by the name of “Giovanna”. I think the term “star” is a title which I do not consider should hold the esteem that it does. I’m just a cog in a wheel and if it wasn’t for the Producers, Director’s, DOP’s, Lighting, Make-up, Photographer’s, P.A’s and all the people responsible for making “movieland” work, “stars” in the industry wouldn’t exist. We are all responsible for doing the best job we can, whether that be as an actress, a grip or a focus puller.


What are some of your career highlights?

 I’ve worked alongside some incredible actors, both local and International. This is always a humbling experience - to meet other actors who are dedicated to their trade and are as passionate, if not more, about what they do. Other highlights include, wielding a sword as “Sabina”, I had to do fencing lessons. Working at different locations is great fun, from The Salt Pans in Verneukpan, to the Victoria Falls in Zambia.


What inspires you to push the boundaries in your career?

Apart from my three beautiful daughters who inspire me every day with their creativity and enthusiam, I surround myself with passionate people everyday. They push my limits. They inspire me. They teach me the impossible is possible. We are not meant to go at it alone.


I get to live my legend, work on passion and wake up excited because of what I’ve learned from those who’ve taken the world by the horns and are trying to live their lives creatively. All the people I’ve met or   spent time around or been in touch with in one way or another along the journey, have become friends. Whether they know it or not, they’ve shed light on a path I could not have walked alone. They have built businesses and sold them, written bestsellers, lived and worked all over the world, they keep dreaming and creating and most importantly helped people in a way only they could. And   they do it all on their terms.


What attracted you to being an ambassador for The Perfect Clip?

 The biggest attraction for me is something that is pretty and functional. It’s girly, fun and so useful!!


What are some of the qualities you share with the product?

 I’m fun and girly and I’m pretty useful too


Give us a sneak peek into what the future holds for you?

 Apart from my Brand Ambassadorship, I’m growing a Casting business called The Casting Couch which I started a year ago and I’ve just landed a role in ETV’s “Rhythm City” where I will be playing a lawyer named Flavia.


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